Automation & Operations in a Hybrid Cloud world

Automation & Operations in a Hybrid Cloud world

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03/12/2017 From Overblog

Life and Death of an application Part 4 - Turn Tito into containers

We've seen how flexible it is to consume virtual machines in a software defined datacenter in our previous article to code, design, build and RUN an application to quickly answer the DevOps challenges your organisation can have. But what if some teams are using containers instead of virtual machines? There's a good chance that a number of your Dev(Ops) teams are now using this amazing technology. How do you provide them the right environment? Containers (and particularly Docker) provide amazing benefits, my favorite one being to better control on the Dev-to-Prod lifecycle. One can see the containers as being the ultimate artifact which you can then deploy and manage as one unit (as opposed to the traditional way (VM based) which need many dependencies. So there are benefits to containers, no...

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