Automation & Operations in a Hybrid Cloud world

Automation & Operations in a Hybrid Cloud world

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02/12/2016 From Overblog

vRealize Automation Event Broker focus on passing properties

vRealize Automation gives you a great deal of Out of the Box features. It also gives you a great deal of extensibility capabilities. Since a Cloud Management Portal is a central point of interaction between users and the Software defined Datacenters it would be great to have the ability to catch events going through this platform and trigger actions at just the right time. Let's say machines deployed for Business Unit A need to update CMDB A and machines deployed for Business B need to update CMDB B, your CMP need to react accordingly right? The Event Broker feature in vRealize Automation is exactly about that. You need to block provisionning of Oracle software to have managers approval, Event Broker will help you do that. You need to add a machine to a DNS, also with Event Broker. A new service...

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02/07/2016 From Overblog

vRealize Automation list of resources

Here is a list of resources for vRealize Automation. Hopefully, I'll try to keep it updated. Feel free to inform me if there are more or some get outdated. Blogs on vRealize Automation: VMware Blog (include a list of vRA blogs) virtualizationteam (New) Try...

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01/11/2016 From Overblog

Monitoring vRealize Automation by simulating machines deployments

A while ago, a customer faced an issue with vRealize Automation (VRA) due to the underlying infrastructure. The impact was that no users could deploy any new machines. The deployment would miserably fail. Since this customer were not using vRealize Operations (vR Ops) to monitor vRealize Automation I adviced him to use this as well as use Log Insight to monitor the logs. But the fact is that this approach is primarily to monitor the insight of vRealize Automation, not the vRealize Automation service itself. In many situation, monitoring the service from a user point of view is the best metric one could have. So, I also adviced him to create a workflow that would trigger a "probe" deployment in vRA and send the result to vR Ops. Since I liked that idea, I decided to actually do the workflow...

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01/10/2016 From Overblog

How to use your android device as a security camera with your Chromecast powered television

You can do all sort of things for security nowadays with all sort of digital devices but I couldn't find a way to easily monitor my kids when they are in the courtyards and I am in the living room. That was frustrating because I do have a WIFI "security" camera since I have a mobile device :) I also have a security monitor right in the middle of my living room, it's my television!! How to transmit the video to the television? It just happened that I have a Chromecast to watch video series. It costs 30€. Based on this setup, all I need to do is mirror my mobile display on the Chromecast powered television, open the camera app on my mobile and that's it! Well, yes except that the default Android camera app stop after few minutes to save your battery life, which is not that good for what we want...

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10/20/2015 From Overblog

How to import AWS workloads Part 2

The second part of my article "How to import AWS workloads" is now available on Happy reading!

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08/30/2015 From Overblog

New stuff and honored

Hi, Writing new articles is something I really want to do but for many months I had to focus on other priorities. It's really nice priorities so there's no problem but I sometime wish that a day had more than 24 hours (or I could use less hours sleeping :)) Recently, I came up with a nice idea how to use the solution vRealize Automation to import existing public cloud workloads.. It's a recurring request from our customers and by leveraging some of the newest features I could actually make it happen. I started communicate about it internally and was offered to write on the blog. Well, I wasn't going to miss this opportunity!! So here you go, there's new stuff and I feel quite honored! Here's the link:

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12/23/2012 From Overblog

A vCloud Provider experience

Hi, Welcome to this new serie of videos. Today, I would like to look a little closer on the vCloud experience. There's a number of vCloud Provider available all around the world. They are all listed on and you can pick up the one that you prefer working with. Among this list, a new service from VMware is available for few weeks. It's currently at the Beta stage and the aim is to provide an evaluation service to try the vCloud experience. I would like to use this Evaluation Service to showcase how easy and powerful is the vCloud experience. But what's a vCloud Experience BTW? The vCloud experience is all about enabling Service Providers to easily provide Infrastructure Services (IaaS) with a catalog of services while providing a simple and powerful experience for customer to...

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09/14/2012 From Overblog

vidéo vCloud Director 5.1

Bonjour à tous, voici une vidéo de vCloud Director 5.1. Vous y verrez comment créer une organisation, lui allouer des ressources (stockage, CPU, RAM, Réseau). Une fois cette organisation créée, la vidéo montre comment consommer ces services facilement. A noter la puissance offerte par le Software Defined Datacenter qui soutient tout cela. Et pour ceux qui n'ont pas été à VMworl et ont une imprimante d'une taille conséquente, les nouveaux posters sont dispo:

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08/08/2012 From Overblog

Série de vidéo sur vCenter Operations

Bonjour à tous, "Long time no see" comme il se dit Outre Atlantique. Le travail s'est encore accéléré et devient de plus en plus passionnant. Les changements initiés par la virtualisation n'en finissent pas de bouleverser les schèmas structurant des systèmes d'informations. Aucune discipline n'est épargnée et c'est tant mieux car les utilisateurs y gagnent à tous les niveaux: Coût, agilité, gestion opérationnelle, Automatisation, gestion financière, gestion du changement, etc... Je me suis beaucoup concentré ces derniers temps sur les aspects pluri disciplinaire de la gestion des opérations et vous propose un ensemble de vidéo autour de la suite vCenter Operations qui est LA solution de gestion des opérations du Datacenter Logiciel, virtuel, du Cloud et des environnements physiques. Qu'est...

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09/05/2011 From Overblog

Nouveau blog

Un nouveau blog fait son entrée dans la blogosphere Française. Je vous le recommande car non seulement son auteur est un collégue mais aussi parce qu'il est le spécialiste View du pays et la référence sur la stratégie End User Computing de VMware. L'adresse?

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